Cinematic Dubstep Music: Best Songs and Remixes

As 2017 came to a close, Spotify released the list emerging genres from the past year. Of the 10 genres listed, Spotify announced that cinematic dubstep just so happened to be one the fastest growing sub-genres within the music community. With so little information about cinematic dubstep online, it's time to clear the air on what this genre is and what some the best songs online are.

What Is Cinematic Dubstep?

Cinematic dubstep is ten referred to as dubstep-infused music featuring electric guitars, strings, synths, and massive drums for one epic sound. With deep bass and lots delay, this genre music is a larger-than-life take on the origins dubstep and is none other than epic-sounding. Some the artists say that cinematic dubstep is best used on YouTube intros, in movies, and on commercials, however, it can be enjoyed by anyone wanting something new in their lives.

Best Cinematic Dubstep Songs

APEK – Supernatural (Au5 Remix)

Egoless – Bubble Beat

Hansollo – 10191 Year

Asusu – Serra

Kerogen – Hope

Isotroph – Nenuphar

Alchemyst – Lucy (Moerbeck Remix)

Nekochain – My Bloodyful Heart

ptr1 – Cold (Teielte Remix)

Wascal – Don't Forget

Cinematic Dubstep Playlist

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