City Girls’ JT Sounds Discouraged & Over It In Audio Message From Prison

For months, Pierre "Pee" Thomas, the CEO of Quality Control, has been working with lawyers to see if one of his main artists could be released from prison sooner. JT from the City Girls is currently serving time for identity fraud and she has been denied an early release despite her growing celebrity. Ever since she got locked up, her group has absolutely hit gold with songs like "Act Up" and "Twerk." Yung Miami is holding them down on the outside but JT would obviously love to be out there representing for her team. In a recent phone call from prison, Pee had JT on the line and she sounded pretty discouraged while addressing her fans.

City Girls' JT Sounds Discouraged & Over It In Audio Message From Prison

The rapper has been locked up since last year and she's still got some time left on her file. When she gets done in prison, she can hopefully team back up with Yung Miami to reform their super tandem but right now, JT sounds like she could just use a mental break. Speaking with Pee, JT said that she's "ready to come home" and let out some deep sighs. When Pee told her that the "Act Up" video would be coming out this week, JT had barely any reaction. She perked up a little when she got a chance to address her loyal supporters, telling them, "Hey y'all, wassup, I miss y'all. I know y'all miss me but I'll be home soon."

JT's fame level has hit the roof since she went to prison so whenever she gets out, she will have a lot of adjusting to do.

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