City Girls’ Yung Miami Shares Video Of Herself Crowdsurfing While Pregnant

This week, Yung Miami of the City Girls announced that she is expecting her second child. The world is just now finding out about Caresha's upcoming daughter but she's been in the rapper's life for a few months at this point. Miami has been going hard during performances and she's been hustling at such a high level while pregnant. Now that the cat's out of the bag, she can share videos and photos of her pregnant self from weeks ago but one upload is rubbing people the wrong way.

City Girls' Yung Miami Shares Video Of Herself Crowdsurfing While Pregnant
Gary Miller/Getty Images

On Yung Miami's Instagram story, she added dozens of images and clips of herself on stage, performing with her mini baby bump. During one video, she actually jumped into the audience and started crowd surfing. We're not sure that's the smartest thing to do while a baby is growing inside of you. In fact, her doctor would probably scold her if they saw the video. Fans have been reacting to the footage, informing her that she might want to be more careful in the coming months. "Baby mad asf in the womb," wrote one fan in the comments section after The Shade Room caught hold of the vid. Others are bringing up the fact that Yung Miami was threatening to throw hands with Hazel-E a few weeks ago. Once again, she was pregnant during all of that.

The rising rapper might want to think of playing things cool for the next little while. She's been hustling hard and now that she and JT have reached a certain level of success, she can likely afford some time off.

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