City Girls’ Yung Miami Shuts Down "Cancelation Rumour" Started By Nosy Fan

Just because Yung Miami of the City Girls is in the early stages of pregnancy, it doesn't she's a) going to take a breather from her exhaustive grind or b) allow for intrusive fans to meddle with her inner-peace. As the following Instagram exchange plainly depicts, Yung Miami will get ugly, and perhaps say something regrettable if you push her to the limit.

It all began as rumors concerning the cancelation of her City Girls tour started making the rounds. Apparently, someone had implied was in the process of being annulled, claims that Yung Miami would go onto vehemently deny. That should have been the end of it, right then and there, but no... an intrusive fan saw fit to respond by insisting that "nobody tryna see you hurting that baby in ur belly!"

Incidentally, Yung Miami was quick to the draw in decrying the commenter's opinion with a very assertive "and I said wtf I said ugly." Without pandering to both sides of the argument, I can assure of two things. For one, this is Yung Miami figuring out her personal boundaries while also setting a grouchy watchdog by the entrance, in the event of furthering jousting. Just this week, Miami was on the radio professing her adulation for Cardi B, as well her "baby daddy requirements," yet another topic she guards with immeasurable force.

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