Claude Von Stroke, Kaskade and A-Trak All Went B2B Last Night On Holy Ship

While Holy Ship started f with a few bumps after dozens attendees were arrested at the port entry for drug possession (including DJ Gina Turner and EDM Photographer Glenjamn) the boat did eventually set sail. It sounds like the first night festivities was – as usual – down right magical.

Holy Ship is known for it's ridiculous B2B sets. Last year Louis the Child brought out almost half the line up to celebrate one the finals days the voyage. This year we see that this traditional is still alive as well. A-Trak just tweeted out that at 6 a.m. today before the most veteran party goers crashed himself, Kaskade and Claude Von Stroke all went B2B. So far we have not found any footage the magic, but just wanted to let you know in case you weren't already swimming in FOMO already.

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