Coachella Reclaims Its Spot As Highest Grossing Festival In The World

Since Pollstar began releasing a festival grosses chart in 2012 as part their Year End special features, Coachella has consistently held the title Highest Grossing Festival in the world (with the exception 2016, when another Goldenvoice festival, Desert Trip, took the title).

Coachella has now reclaimed the title for 2017 after a more than 20% boost in total revenue for the festival. This can be ultimately attributed to the increase in capacity at the festival – it increased in size from 99,000 per weekend in 2015 and 2016 to 125,000-capacity in 2017, leading to a 26.26% boost in ticket sales. General admission tickets remained the same price, while VIP dropped from $1,599 in 2016 to $899 in 2017.

Coachella grossed an incredible $114,593,000 in 2017.

This is made even more incredible when looking at it in comparison to the runner up Outside Lands, whose gross was a comparatively paltry $27,940,275.

You can see the full list highest grossing festivals .


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