Common Reveals That He’s Ready To Be A Husband During "Red Table Talk" Visit

Jada Pinkett Smith's Red Table Talk always has its guests either shedding years, revealing all or gaining all kinds of inspiration from the variety of heavy topics that get discussed around the red table. The latest guest to be subject to the latter is none other than Common, who opened up about his desire to one day be a husband. 

Jada referenced his specific want after reading his memoir, Let Love Have The Last Word, that was recently released to the world. “You said in the book also that you’ve accomplished everything but that you’re not a husband,” Jada said in the clip shared to Facebook

“Yeah, that’s.. I would like to be a husband. Now I think that I just want that partnership. To be able to experience life where I’m growing as a human being and it’s fun too," he responded. 

Common Reveals That He's Ready To Be A Husband During "Red Table Talk" Visit
Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

Common previously chatted with The Breakfast Club about his former dating patterns.

"The pattern I found myself in—and my therapist broke it down—was the feeling of being in love and that honeymoon period. I was addicted to that feeling,” he said. “When that feeling would go away and the real part of the relationships came, I was like, ‘OK. Do I want this or not?’ I wasn’t ready to do the work."

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