Courtney Kemp Reveals A Major Spoiler For Next Season Of "Power"

Due mostly to the intriguing plotlines and unexpected cameos, Power quickly became a favorite among television aficionados. With Courtney A. Kemp at the helm, the show's production has been stellar as of late, keeping viewers on their toes with every episode. In this season alone, so much went down and you can revisit every episode through our weekly reviews. While many programs leave fans waiting until the next season to reveal the results of some of the major cliffhangers, Kemp decided to let everyone sleep easy at night, telling everyone that one of the characters whose fate was left up in the air during Sunday's season finale is actually still alive. Prepare yourself because we're about to enter spoiler territory. 

Telling everybody to "Stop the debates," Kemp updated her Instagram page with a simple statement letting everybody know that Angela, who had been shot in the final episode, was alive and kicking. At the end of the season, Angela was shot by Tommy and while it was up in the air whether or not she would appear next season, Kemp reassured everyone by revealing that she would be back for Season 6. Angela's survival makes things even more exciting as we know that since she saw Tommy shoot her, the options are endless for what can happen next.

Somehow, this has us even more stoked than we already were for next season.

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