Cryptic Post Stirs Up Questions About Nero's Future

Cryptic Post Stirs Up Questions About Nero's Future

The Night – Dan and Alana

Yesterday, a cryptic post by Nero was scattered across all Nero social media channels.

“For the past decade you’ve stood by our side as Nero. It’s now time to tell a different story.” Members the trio, Dan Stephens and Alana Watson, signed the post. The words “The Night” appear on the post as well. We speculate this to be the title a new project by the duo.


The group had huge happenings during the summer 2017. Third Nero-member Joseph Ray delivered his first solo release project with Meli entitled ‘Inside‘. He also spent a lot time teaching and collaborating with local musicians in Haiti. Married couple Stephens and Watson announced a baby on the way around the same time in June. It’s full steam ahead for these parents as they announced a musical hiatus for the remainder that year.

The Night was first mentioned by Dan with when he stated: “We felt like we needed a bit time away from the group after the second album.” Since then, they’ve had multiple side project ideas. Here comes ‘The Night‘, a hard to define genre-wise project but a very different vibe from Nero. Most it will sit at 90 – 110 BPM. The two have even hinted they’ve got an album’s worth material well on its way to completion. The first single on their EP is called ‘Different Story‘ which they have assured us will be jaw dropping.


With an imminent release date but no artwork or label, it does seem uncanny. Nevertheless, while we wait in suspense on this extended hiatus, let’s see what The Night brings us. It may seem like the group is breaking up, but maybe they’re just evolving.

Cryptic Post Stirs Up Questions About Nero's Future


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