DaBaby Fan Asks For Photo Before Security Assaults Him In New Footage

DaBaby's one of the hottest rappers in the game right now but on his rise to the top, he's found himself in some serious controversy. Over the weekend, the rapper's crew nearly beat the life out of a fan. It's still not entirely clear what led to the beat down but new footage emerged that may give a bit more insight to the situation.

DaBaby Fan Asks For Photo Before Security Assaults Him In New Footage
Maury Phillips/Getty Images

U.K.'s Daily Mail obtained new footage of DaBaby's security beating down a fan with a different angle. The fan's heard asking for a photo before the rapper's security start pummeling him. DaBaby and his team seemed to have ignored the request and continued to usher into the club where the rapper was supposed to perform. The fan appears to touch the security guard which appears to be what prompted the beat down in the first place. 

According to the report, DaBaby may have actually been involved in the beatdown even though it was reported he was simply a witness to the havoc. However, it's incredibly unclear from the footage whether he had any sort of involvement in the alleged attack.

The victim, identified as Don Trag, reportedly suffered from brain and neck swelling. Trag's brother said he "is not doing well" shortly after the attack. Trag's mother said he collapsed to the floor at her home hours after the attack went down. 

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