DaBaby Leaves With $22K Fee After Canceling Concert Following Fan Fight: Report

It's been a weekend full of flying fists for rapper DaBaby. Aside from the pants-down-beat-down a heckler reportedly received in a Louis Vuitton store, DaBaby's security "put them paws" on a fan outside of a concert at the Centro Night Club in Lawrence, Massachusetts on Friday evening. Initial reports stated that a fan asked for a photo with the rapper, and when he declined, the fan became too aggressive for DaBaby's crew's liking.

According to TMZ, the fan in question was actually a rapper named Don Trag who was one of DaBaby's openers at the show. Following the altercation outside with Trag, DaBaby decided not to take the stage and left the scene altogether. NTS Entertainment, the promoters responsible for putting on the show, claims that the rapper walked off with the $22K payment without fulfilling his end of their deal by delivering a performance. 

NTS tells TMZ that DaBaby can keep the cash, as long as he reschedules as soon as possible. They're even willing to change venues if he wants, but they'd like to take care of things without having to get lawyers involved. However, TMZ states DaBaby's contract says if his safety is in jeopardy, he can walk away from the venue. NTS says although that it is true DaBaby could leave if security was inadequate, he can't just take the money with him. Also, they don't believe that there were any security issues at the concert.

The promoter may be willing to negotiate, but Trag is not. TMZ reports that Trag already has an attorney and he's ready to take DaBaby to court over the incident. 


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