DaBaby’s Beatdown Victim Claims He Returned The Favor To Stunna 4 Vegas

Cam Coldheart's has been ringing bells of late, albeit under dubious circumstances. The North Carolina rapper was recently involved in an altercation with the rap game's "Young CEO, Suge," aka DaBaby, a man who has continuously proven his mettle when provoked. Unfortunately for Coldheart, the tilt left him both unconscious and sans-pants, prompting merciless taunts from a triumphant DaBaby. Now, Coldheart has since claimed that he was jumped by multiple assailants, including the rapper's security team. It's a messy situation, and for now, the truth remains whatever you're willing to make it.

In any case, it would appear that Cam Coldheart isn't ready to let this one lie. The rapper recently took to Instagram to reflect on revenge best served cold, as the adage goes. In essence, Cam taunted DaBaby over the fate of Stunna 4 Vegas, a young artist signed to Baby's label. As he tells it, Stunna was brutally beaten outside a DaBaby concert, more than implying his own involvement.

Stunna himself swiftly denied all claims, though Cam's zoomed-in screenshots seem to signify the presence of battle-wounds; though concrete details are scarce, it's clear there's no love lost between any of the involved parties. Hopefully, everybody can find a way to keep a cool head, lest the violence continues to escalate. 

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