DaBaby’s Beating Victim Is Hospitalized & In A Coma: Report

DaBaby's security team might be in serious trouble. According to reports by TMZ, the injured fan who was involved in an incident with DaBaby's security detail this past Friday is currently in a profound coma at the hospital. The beatdown victim, whose musical alias is Don Trag, is "not doing well" based on information shared by his mother. The victim is stated to have experienced significant brain and neck injuries. As of yet, we do not know what to expect, but the situation seems to be getting critical. Moreover, Don Trag's mom shared with regards to the attackers: "These people are animals." 

The attack occurred at Centro Nightclub where DaBaby was set to perform. As Don Trag attempted to get DaBaby's attention, sources inform that the overzealous fan got aggressive which thus called for security to step in. As DaBaby's security detail put the ultimate paws on the fan, DaBaby stood by and watched. He later decided not to perform at the show. On the other hand, Don Tag's brother affirmed that all the fan wanted was to take a picture with DaBaby, but the security "went nuts on him with a ferocious pounding." 

We hope Don Trag pulls through and expect legal troubles to follow regardless.

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