DaBaby’s Crew Beats The Life Out Of Overzealous Fan Outside Concert

Although it's the fans that elevate rappers to their celebrity status, one over-excited supporter got the piss beat out of him on Friday (May 17) night. According to TMZDaBaby was slated to perform at the Centro Nightclub in Lawrence, MA, but before he took to the stage, a fan tried to get his autograph. Derek Lemire, who was promoting the event for NTS Entertainment, told the media website that the fan asked to meet DaBaby and was hit with a firm "no." He persisted to ask to get to the rapper, and DaBaby's crew unleashed a brutal assault on him once he became too tenacious.

DaBaby was nearby, watching the fan get whooped, and opted not to take the stage after the altercation. The fan was carried away by stretcher and taken to the hospital. Lemire told TMZ that DaBaby took the money he was paid with him, leaving the promoters high and dry. Lemire claims NTS paid $22,000 for DaBaby, and he's working on getting it back. A spokesperson for the local police told the media outlet that when they arrived on the scene, none of the witnesses wanted to cooperate. Reportedly, DaBaby has a contract provision that states he can leave a venue if he feels unsafe, allowing him to pocket the cash for the performance without even stepping foot on stage. 

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