Daft Punk release exclusive ‘Tron: Legacy’ soundtrack vinyl to celebrate 11 years since original release

On December 3rd 2010, the legendary French electronic duo Daft Punk released to the world their first and only movie soundtrack score created for the Disney movie Tron: Legacy. Upon its release, the score received critical acclaim and incredible award wins including a 54th Grammy Award nomination for Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media. Over 11 years later and although the duo has since parted ways after a 28-year prosperous career, they are celebrating this special anniversary by releasing an extraordinary vinyl of the soundtrack.

Being sold exclusively at Target, the vinyl includes 2 beautiful disks, one being transparent blue and the other a clear vinyl, containing a total of 29 stunning tracks, with some being exclusive to this vinyl release such as tracks ‘Sea of Simulation’ and ‘Reflections’. Since the release of the vinyl on the 10th of December last month, the soundtrack has recently returned to number 1 on Billboard’s Top Dance/Electronic Album chart, with the chart company saying 94% of its 10,000 sales between the week of December 10th to December 16th were physical sales as opposed to digital ones. This marks the 11th week the score tops the chart, being the first time since April 2011.

Vinyl’s over recent years has been having a renaissance in popularity with sales increasing year on year. Although sometimes referred to as dated media, it was recently revealed that younger generations are embracing the art form with it being announced that Gen Z is more likely to make a vinyl purchase than other generations. Large companies are also jumping on the trend with the likes of Amazon launching a never before heard of vinyl subscription service in June just last year.

This incredibly historic Daft Punk release is currently available for $24.99 and you can get your hands on it for yourself via the sale page on Target here, international shipping is available.


Image Credit: Press


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