Daft Punk's Debut Album Is Now Old Enough to Drink In The US

One Daft Punk‘s most iconic collections music is ficially old enough to legally drink (if it were an actual person). Still though, Homework definitely knows how to party!

When Daft Punk first came onto the scene they changed the course dance music — scratch that — all types music forever. The robotic’s duo’s influences are still heard in all the obvious places in EDM, but have touched artists producing pop music, rock, hip hop, and beyond.

Homework is the true masterpiece that started it all. Spanning 16 tracks high energy and funky fresh sounds previously unheard by human ears, the album is a true nonstop dance party. Songs like “Around The World,”  “Da Funk,” “Alive,” “Human After All,” played out like instant classics back in 1997 and today the tracks sound just as awe-inspiring.

For many, this is the soundtrack to life. Thank you, Daft Punk.

Take it back to the old school and listen to Homework in its entirety right here!

Daft Punk – Homework

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