Dame Dash Believes People Are Taking Advantage Of Kanye West's "Imbalance"

Dame Dash and Kanye West have been friends throughout their careers as the two have worked together countless times over the years. As a close associate Jay-Z's, Dame was bound to have some opinions on Kanye's behavior the last few weeks, proclaiming his love for Donald Trump and preaching free thought. While Ye has quieted down over the last few days as he continues to work on his five albums, the public is still very much speaking about his actions. As associates, friends, and foes have spoken out against him, now comes the time for Dame Dash to voice his opinion on Kanye.

As a household name, you either love or despise Kanye West. There is usually no in between. As nearly everybody has had an opinion on the artist recently, Dame Dash believes that media outlets are taking advantage Ye to create more buzz for their own brands. During an interview on The Domenick Nati Show, the music mogul said about the media's coverage Kanye, "I think it's very clear that there's an imbalance. And I don't think people should take advantage the imbalance just to bring awareness to their platforms." When asked to elaborate on the "imbalance" mentioned, Dame remarked, "Kanye] already said he's bipolar. If you give a bipolar man a mic, I don't know what you expect. I don't think it's fair. He said it on television, he's on meds, so what else is there to talk about?"

During the interview, Dame also touched on Jay-Z's Rocawear issues, which you can hear in full below.

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