Dame Dash Denied More Custody With Daughter

Business mogul Dame Dash has been at odds with the mothers of his children, especially fashion designer Rachel Roy. The former couple was married from 2005 to 2009 and have two daughters together: 19-year-old Ava and 11-year-old Tallulah. Roy was awarded sole custody of the girls and while Dash has visitation, he petitioned the court to extend that time now that his work schedule has changed. Dash recently filed paperwork asking the court to reevaluate his custody rights for Tallulah, but according to The Blast, things didn't turn out in his favor.

The judgment came in Tuesday that “there are no material changes in circumstances, therefore [Dash’s] Request for Order regarding modification of child custody and visitation is denied.” After Dash submitted documents stating that he remarried as made time in his schedule to be with his daughter, Roy fired off a response asking for the judge to deny his request. She told the court that Dash has a history of domestic violence and that his children have anxiety when in his presence. She also accused him of using drugs—marijuana—in front of their daughters, as well.

Dame Dash Denied More Custody With Daughter
Evan Agostini/Getty Images

Dash made accusations of his own, writing in documents that at a Christmas party last year, Roy was so drunk that she couldn't drive home. He claimed that Roy almost got behind the wheel with their daughter, citing that she puts their children in danger. 

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