Dame Dash Says XXXTentacion Will Be Seen As This Generation's Tupac or Biggie

A lot has been said about XXXTentacion before, but the discourse following his death has been polarizing to say the least. Only time will tell how history will look upon X's legacy, but producer Dame Dash has some idea how it might go down.

Promoting his new book, Culture Vultures, Dame Dash sat down for an interview with All Hip-Hop, and gave his opinion on the younger generation.

Right f the bat, Dash establishes the parallels between Biggie and Tupac's generation and X's death. Not necessarily due to the music, but through the air violence surrounding them.

"You know the sad thing about it is, the last couple days, I was like, 'Yo, hip-hop is going through that phase.' In my generation, it got kind violent," Dash says.

While he says he was a fan the Wiz Khalifa era where everyone just smoked weed and was cool to each other, the mood had definitely changed in the years since. It's the combination musical talent and tragic death that lends the comparison to artists like Tupac and Biggie.

"He's] definitely going to be looked at from this 15 to 25-year-old generation as Tupac and Biggie," Dash claims.

He also seems to believe that X's death is emblematic the current attitude the younger generation.

"You speak things into existence, but there’s a gift and a curse with that. You got to be careful what you say," Dash says. "And for some reason, this generation seems to be infatuated with death, and getting there faster, and I don’t understand why."


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