Dancesafe: "Let's Talk About Datsik & Rape Culture"

, an organization devoted to promoting health and safety within the electronic music community, is speaking out on rape culture in light current events.

Following the multiple instances sexual abuse claims against Datsik, it’s become apparent we need to take care ourselves and each other. The range responses from artists, fans, and other members the EDM community have made one thing especially clear — we can do better.

Some the comments that have surfaced on social media are just as troubling as the victim’s claims against Dasik. In order to move forward, we first must realize that victim blaming and the silencing victims/survivors by our own peers is a huge part the problem.

So please, take DanceSafe’s  as an invitation to do better. Together, we can put an end to rape culture and promote consent culture within our community. Please note, these types comments, including ones peppered in from follows our own, are not constructive and should have no place in the Datsik conversation or elsewhere.

Response #1: “They were asking for it.”

Dancesafe: "Let's Talk About Datsik & Rape Culture"

Examples: (1) “No one goes onto a tour bus to eat cookies and sing songs” (2) “only idiots think that after parties and party buses got nothing going on but jump rope and tea parties”

Victim blaming is dangerous because it creates an environment in which it’s that much harder to come forward and report abuse. No one is ever asking to be raped.

Response #2: “He doesn’t need to rape someone to get laid.”

Dancesafe: "Let's Talk About Datsik & Rape Culture"

Examples: (1) “…] he doesn’t need to rape someone if he wants to get laid.” (2) “He could fuck any slut he wants he’s famous.”

This is a common misconception in which people believe that sexual assault is about sex. Sexual assault isn’t about sex, it’s about power and control.

Response #3: “Innocent until proven guilty.”

Dancesafe: "Let's Talk About Datsik & Rape Culture"

Examples: (1) “I guess when it comes to rape you’re guilty until proven innocent??” (2) “Innocent until proven guilty. Need all the cold hard evidence and then I can make a judgment”

This statement is dismissive. In a world where victim blaming is rampant, it’s important that we work to create an environment in which survivors feel comfortable and are supported.

Response #4: “This could be a false accusation.”

Dancesafe: "Let's Talk About Datsik & Rape Culture"

Examples: (1) “Bunch gossip. And girls wanting attention.” (2) “Allegations don’t mean truth.”

False accusations are incredibly rare. It’s also true that false rape accusations almost never have serious legal consequences. It is detrimental for survivors to be labeled as false accusers.

 perfectly sums it up with this statement: “All in all, we get it, it’s tough to hear that someone you look up to or admire has been accused sexual violence. However, this should not be used as a reason to perpetuate rape culture within our community.”

Shoutout for always looking out and for striving to make EDM a safe zone for our wonderful community members.


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