Danny Masterson's Send-Off In Netflix's "The Ranch" Blasted By Rape Accusers

Danny Masterson's rape accusers are not happy with Netflix and how they managed to send-f his character in The Ranch in a decent fashion. 

Released on Friday, the first half the latest hit original series depicts Masterson's exit from the episodic sitcom following widespread sexual assault and rape allegations pinned against the actor. Chrissie Carnell Bixler, a woman who has accused the That 70s Show star wrongdoing, is not too pleased with the streaming giant. "We get it, Netflix. You don’t believe us. You rub salt in our wounds,” Bixler told the Daily Beast. "Is Danny Masterson still co-executive producer  ‘The Ranch’? You knew you had to fire him, but you do a bunch reshoots so you can finish our rapist’s storyline up and give him a respectable send-f. And there he is on TV in the new season."

Bixler believes that Masterson should have been fired on the spot, similar to how Kevin Spacey was immediately written out  House Cards in the wake his own scandal. "Kevin Spacey? Fired on the spot. Production halted. Ed Westwick? Louis C.K.? Are there active investigations into these accused men? Do you just not believe us? Do you agree with Jenni Weinman Masterson’s publicist] and the Church Scientology when they say you cannot rape your wife or girlfriend? Are you afraid Scientology’s Fair Game?"

Scientology's Fair Game is a controversial policy within the religion that grants them access to defame, stalk and perform other incriminating gestures towards perceived enemies. Bixler is calling out Netflix for their potential fear becoming part a slander campaign put on by the church. 

Bobette Riales, another Masterson's alleged rape victims, questions why Netflix is continuing to show the actor "support in a half-ass way as a co-producer, meaning he still gets a check, and also airing shows after he was already fired?"

Masterson has denied these claims, revealing how in this day in age "it seems as if you are presumed guilty the moment you are accused."

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