Darude And Ashley Wallbridge Release A Near Perfect Trance Anthem You Need To Hear

Darude produced one the most iconic songs all time. His tune transcended popularity and reached the realm full meme status. That being said the success ‘Sandstorm' can also be looked at as a curse. When his name is mentioned the first things anyone thinks is immediately – ‘DUH DADADADA'. While that might be unavoidable Darude is continuing to make a name for himself, and his latest release proves that he is so much more than just his iconic release.

His latest collaboration with Ashley Wallbridge, ‘Surrender', is a gorgeous and euphoric trance ballad. The track is pure trance and flows beautifully. Airy vocals provided by Foux really bring another element beauty to an already near perfect track. This song is just perfectly produced classic trance. Check out the tune below, and let this single start be the start something new for Darude as all we can say is WOW, this is how trance should be done folks.

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