David Attenborough Themed Raves Are Exploding In Popularity

You might know David Attenborough as the acclaimed narrator the Planet Earth and Blue Planet series, as well as the so-called “voice nature,” but you might be hearing Attenborough narrating your rave soon enough if you’re lucky.

According to Mixmag, a swathe David Attenborough themed raves are sweeping the UK, and it sounds just fascinating enough that we absolutely need to experience it. The event, called Jungle Boogie, has recently sold out shows in both Leeds and Liverpool and is now planning stop across the UK due to its clear success.

While a DJ plays music, he’ll mix in samples the man’s immediately recognizable voice – at the same time,  episodes  Planet Earth II and Blue Planet II are projected behind the DJ. There are life size cut outs Attenborough to pose with, Attenborough masks for ravers to wear, and artificial flora for you to feel like you’re in the wild.

If you find yourself in the UK soon, look out for events coming up in Bristol, Cambridge, Oxford, Brighton, Southampton, Cardiff and Leamington Spa.

Learn more about David Attenborough’s Jungle Boogie .



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