David Guetta & MORTEN release highly anticipated track ‘Permanence’: Listen

Starting off the new year of Future Rave with a bang, David Guetta and MORTEN have finally unleashed what is one of their most anticipated IDs of all time, ‘Permanence.’ 

If you’ve ever seen the duo in action on stage in the past year, you’ll have noticed that this track was featured heavily as a staple in their sets, setting the stage alight and always whipping fans up into a frenzy like no other. Originally labelled as a Jack Back ID, it found its way into the Future Rave world and is a perfect start to their 2022 journey, as both Guetta and MORTEN have described it as ‘Future Rave 2.0’ which all kicked off with ‘Alive Again,’ their latest release before this one at the tail end of 2021. One thing is evident with ‘Permanence,’ and that is the fact that the pair are exploring an even deeper, darker unground realm and are not holding anything back.

Injected with sharp energy and striking, searing synths, the track wastes no time in getting started and welcomes fans into this mysterious journey with the instantly recognisable buildup melody. The intro that takes time in familiarising fans with the melody and rhythm is part of what makes ‘Permanence’ so iconic; it keeps fans on the edge of their seats, begging to hear what happens next, and the wait is worth it by all means. The melody of the drop is one that fans have already become accustomed to, yet still feels as fresh as the first time that it was teased and equally as powerful and effective. Complete with an angelic, gospel-like vocal in the second half accompanied by a truly earth-shaking synth that riles itself up to once again explode into the second drop, ‘Permanence’ has crash-landed to streaming platforms and we couldn’t be happier to see an official release.

Stream ‘Permanence,’ out now via Musical Freedom, by David Guetta and MORTEN here or below on Spotify.

Image credit: MDLBEAST (via Facebook

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