David Guetta Releases Inspired New House Single With An Unlikely Collaborator

When this collaboration was announced last week, I was a bit skeptical. David Guetta and Black Cfee operate on two different ends the electronic music spectrum. While David is best known for his pop crossover and big room productions, South Africa's Black Cfee made his name over the past two decades through beyond impressive mixing and production house records. Would these unlikely collaborators come out with an inspired single, or an awkward and forced tune?

David Guetta and Black Cfee – ‘Drive'

The new track is ‘Drive' and upon listening I was more than pleasantly surprised. The song is incredibly chilled out. Featuring both deep and tropical house elements, ‘Drive' serves as the perfect late summer anthem. Airy vocals by Delilah Montagu which are laid on top the driving constant beat, give this tune a wonderful depth.

‘Drive' is the lead f single from David's upcoming album, 7. It seems that Guetta has taken the opportunity a new album release to produce with some the most popular names in the entire music industry. Check out the new single below, and stay tuned for updates.

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