David Guetta & Sia Unleash Fire New Collab "Flames"

David Guetta & Sia’s “Titanium” is arguably one the biggest songs for either artist they’ve ever released. Sitting in the space between dance and pop, “Titanium” has racked up nearly one billion streams across separate platforms, and remains an incredible anthem for the ages.

Between then and now, they’ve also released collaborations like “She Wolf” and “Bang My Head,” though neither quite reached the level legend that “Titanium” did.

Now, six years after their first collaboration, the two have teamed up once again for a new song called “Flames.” Again sitting in that delicate space between dance and pop, “Flames” is blessed by Sia’s magical voice and a ridiculously catchy bassline that sits closer to funk than dance. If you’re looking for a drop, you might be disappointed; however, if you’re simply a fan good music, you’ll find this song to be a worthy addition to the two artists’ growing collaborative history.

David proudly states: “‘Titanium’ is still one the tracks I am proudest and Sia is one my favorite artists to work with. She’s a great songwriter and has an amazing voice. I’m just super excited that we get to release another track together.”

Listen to “Flames” below!

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