David Guetta teams up with Felix Da Housecat and Kittin on rework of ‘Silver Screen (Shower Scene)’: Listen

Reworking another classic in true style, David Guetta has turned to Felix Da Housecat and Kittin to transform the classic track ‘Silver Screen (Shower Scene)‘ into a 2022 rework.

Released in 2001, ‘Silver Screen (Shower Scene)’ well represented the popular electroclash sound, which merged 1980s electro with retro sounds and pop to create a fun and energetic new sound. Felix Da Housecat was at the forefront of this genre thanks to ‘Silver Screen (Shower Scene)’ and if there’s any one true track that defined that era and sound, it’s certainly this one. Featured as the lead single from his album ‘Kittenz and Thee Glitz‘, it unsurprisingly lit up the festival and events scene at the time and still remains to be a timeless classic of a track.

The beauty of Guetta‘s rework is that it feels fresh and completely modern, whilst also respecting the older sound which allowed it to flourish and have such a wild impact. With this, David Guetta takes his different crowds of EDM, Future Rave and techno lovers and joins them all together to unite them with a sound that they can all enjoy at once, drawing on his expertise in multiple different genre fields. Honing in on the irresistible vocals of Kittin from the original, he puts them at the forefront and creates a structure of old school house with a wildly modernistic update. With rumbling bass that will have any club-goer fist pumping the air with great passion, he has yet again proved to be the ultimate multi-genre master, as if anyone needed more convincing.

Don’t be at all surprised to hear this one in heavy rotation across the clubs and festivals in 2022 as it becomes a hot contender for track of the year. Out now via Spinnin’ Records, listen to David Guetta’s take on ‘Silver Screen (Shower Scene)’ below or here.

Image credit: Guerin Blask 

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