David Guetta’s NYE Performance at the Louvre Abu Dhabi to Feature Dazzling Projections of Historic Art

A year after showering the Musée du Louvre in lights during his "United at Home" NYE 2020 performance in Paris, David Guetta is set to repeat the magic at the Louvre in Abu Dhabi.

The chart-topping French DJ has actually called the UAE his second home since 2015 after purchasing property on the Dubai Marina. Guetta has become a mainstay of the region since then and says his upcoming NYE performance is about "showing gratitude."

Guetta elaborates that the goal of his shows has always been to bring communities together, and he sees the UAE specifically as a diverse cultural hub that the world could potentially learn from. "The best example we can find is in Abu Dhabi or even in Dubai where you have 200 different nationalities living in harmony," Guetta said. "If there's a will of doing good together it is possible."

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David Guetta's NYE Performance at the Louvre Abu Dhabi to Feature Dazzling Projections of Historic Art

A Dubai resident himself, Guetta says his upcoming performance is about "giving back."

Guetta's upcoming performance will pull out all the stops in terms of special effects. In addition to 20-meter high flames erupting into the sky and a setup of over 500 light fixtures illuminating the stage, special visualizations of the Louvre's artwork itself will also be featured during the performance. If you've never been to the museum, you'll still get to see dazzling projections of some of the world's most celebrated paintings, some of which are hundreds of years old.

Guetta's performance will stream via his YouTube channel as well as the Louvre Abu Dhabi's social media platforms.


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