Daz Dillinger Announces Kanye West Diss Track Named "F-ckKanyeUp"

Daz Dillinger has instilled community ethics in his undying testament. That means no eschewance privilege if you weren't raised a Crip.  Daz Dillinger didn't take kindly to Kanye's reduction gang violence. Like Akademiks when he placated the struggles young gang members in Chicago, there's an unspoken rule conduct initiated by rightful heritage. When Kanye rapped "Like a gang truce, the first Blood to shake the Crip's hand," those boundaries were not bequeathed or open to discussion. Daz's public scolding Kanye West and his subsequent "ban" from Los Angeles has put tha Dogg Pound legend back into focus.

This morning, Daz posted on Instagram in which he promises a new single "FUCKANYEUP" coming soon. In the photo, Daz is covered in gang blue, as he pounces on somebody's expectant gaze. Gangs culture and extortion are less prevalent in the culture, but have become a topic sacrilege for rappers claiming both sides the law. In this instance, Kanye is hot water for making a sweeping generalization about something he has no grounds to cover. Daz's insistence on retaliation may in itself be a ruse to drum interest in his brand. Whatever the case may be, Kanye is showing no sign relenting on his catharsis polarizing ideas.

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