Deadmau5 Debuts Unreleased & Unheard of Song via Live Stream [VIDEO]

Deadmau5 is expected to release an album in the first half 2018, so he’s been busy on his live stream working and we’re sure he’s already got most the album on lock. But for the rest it, it might do him some good to revisit some old demos and dig them up, see if there’s anything useful there.

During a recent live stream session, he pulled out this little ditty.

According to uploader Wanza7, “This is an old track he played during a livestream session, ficial title is unknown. Probably from the project 56 era.”

As always with tracks played on the stream, there’s no release date or additional information about this one. It’s a pretty lo-fi beat with minimal extra production, but it still sounds characteristically deadmau5. Check it out.



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