Deadmau5 Teases The "Most Epic Thing He Has Done With His Music"

Most people go onto an incognito mode through chrome to look at things like porn or other less than wholesome things. I on the other hand use incognito mode almost entirely for the sole reason looking at DJs who have blocked us on Twitter for relatively petty reasons. Luckily I decided to check Deadmau5's page in the new year and found that he is planning something absolutely massive.

Deadmau5 teased that he is planning easily the most epic thing he has ever done with his music. The kicker is that it involves an full classical orchestra. Some users over at /r/umf are hoping this means a one a kind Ultra Miami performance, but we have to say that is most likely incorrect. Could Deadmau5 be following the foot steps Above & Beyond and BT and going after an acoustic set? Only time will tell.

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