Deadmau5 Turns To Trolling Hardwell With His Latest Fragrance [HUMOR]

Throughout the years, Joel Zimmerman aka deadmau5, has become dance music's biggest trolls. This time around, deadmau5 has taken a jab at Hardwell after releasing his new fragrance ECLIPSE.

ECLIPSE is being advertised to transform the artist's “very personal world into an energetic scent.” While Hardwell's fans have grown to love the new cologne, deadmau5 is not a fan. During his latest livestream, deadmau5 is seen walking into his bathroom and filling up an empty hand sanitizer bottle with toilet water while taking inspiration from “eau de toilette.”

Within two minutes, Deadmau5 was able to sell his toilet water for $50 ($10 higher than Hardwell's ECLIPSE). Deadmau5 said “This is legit. This is the real deal. The is water direct from my toilet…This is legit water from the place I piss and shit.”

Watch Deadmau5 Filling His “Eau De Toilette” Below:

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