Delicious Music Releases A Glitch In The System

Some say music is journey, I'd have to agree with them. I just spent 10 months building a new catalogue tunes to release starting today with Glitch in the System – a mixture multi genre bass tracks compiled by myself from mates that I have met on the road.

Glitch in the System is my DJ alias and the name my show on – a streaming station based in Christchurch, New Zealand that was built by a bunch mates who just want to push their favourite music to the world. This compilation reflects the style and music tastes from the show. It’s essentially a multi-genre bass extravaganza.

Delicious Music is proud to present “Glitch in the System”

Chamberlain – Prologue: Tomorrow’s Landing
OPIUO – Snorkle (Staunch Remix)
Sodope – Fancy Pants
Kibosh – Funkelastics
Tom Cosm Vs. Glitch in the System – Behind the Lobe (Cosm Rub)
Cheshire Music – Pop It
FarfetchD – Temptress
K+lab – Get Soap
Minuit – Except You (Sick Cycle Remix)
Ism aka organikismness – Kenetic
Xsetra – Faland
Sick Cycle – Uncertainty feat. Moses Robbins
GaddyMusic Vs. Will Layer – Pokkuri
Chamberlain – Long Grass Serpent
Shwusu – The Brink

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