Denzel Curry Announces Listening Party For "Speedboat"

Florida rapper, Denzel Curry, took to Twitter last night to inform fans of a listening party he would be hosting on 22 May for "Speedboat," which he posted with accompanying cover art, featuring the rapper squatting and looking contemplative in front of an orange background. Curry did not specify whether "Speedboat" would be a single or a whole album (given the fact he had not previously alluded to the possibility of a new album any time soon), but fans are guessing the latter is probably the case.

The 24-year-old came out swinging on his 2018 release TA13OO, a record that earned him major critical acclaim. After recently releasing his brawling single, "Ricky," as well as his collaboration with producer, Flying Lotus, on their new single "Black Balloons, Reprise" just this morning, he's really proved that you should not be sleeping on him. 

Curry's creative mind and rapid flows have come to define him as an artist, and fans now know to expect straight bangers - with his own unique, dynamic twist - from him. A look at our Top 10 Hardest Bangers list for the artist will give you a preview into the scope of his talent, and his creative capabilities. So it's really no surprise that most are anticipating the drop of his latest album, and I definitely think it's one to look out for.

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