Denzel Curry Cuts Off His Iconic Dreadlocks

Denzel Curry fans are steadily waiting for the arrival his next project, Ta13oo. While there's been a lot delays on the project, he released his single, "Sumo" earlier this year after hyping it up for fans for months. In late March, the rapper revealed that he'd be taking a break from music and from the sounds his post, it stemmed from something deeper than rap. It seems as if he's seeking change in his life in some sort way and today, he revealed that he chopped f his locks.

Denzel Curry took to Instagram to reveal that he had cut f his iconic hair style. The photo simply had the snipped dreads in his hands. However, the caption the photo shared a more deeper story.  

"I’ve reached a new chapter in my life these locks that I hold in my hands represent the dead history, the past that I eventually had to grow the smaller locks represent the time I had to live with the fact that my older brother past away," He wrote. "The larger part represents my breakup and letting fucked up and phony people in my life driving me to the point dying my hair because I didn’t give a fuck about anything or anyone but as time went on I started to find myself and I’d much rather let go the past and allow my growth as a human being to continue ( new growth) I love you all - ULT."

Hopefully, with all this, it means that he's found a new comfort in his life and we'll be receiving some new music from him soon. He recently said that he'll be dropping an R&B album before Ta13oo, but we'll keep you updated on his next move. 

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