Denzel Curry Wants You To Pick The "Sumo Remix" Feature

We still may be patiently waiting for his upcoming album Taboo, but that doesn't mean Floridian rapper Denzel Curry has abandoned his fans. Far from it. In fact, he's recently opened the floor for us to play a pivotal role in deciding the fate his upcoming "Sumo" remix.

While the original plan to include Ski Mask The Slump God ultimately fell through, it would appear Denzel is still hoping the Book Of Eli rapper can rally for the remix. After all, the match up was indeed his authorial intent. Whether or not his best laid plans come to fruition remains to be seen. In the interim, Curry has opened the floor for some fan participation, asking "WHO WANT ON THE SUMO REMIX MY PICK IS STILL SKI MASK THE SLUMP GOD. TAG WHO WANT. The sentiment is clear. 

Doubtless, the fans quickly did as requested; a quick scroll through Curry's thread finds a variety wise choices, including Danny Brown, Meechy Darko, J.I.D, $uicideBoy$, and more. We can only hope Denzel has the means to make this happen. To be fair, he has built up an impressive network, and we already know he has some music with J.I.D. in the stash. One has to wonder whether or not the upcoming remix will find a home on Taboo, but either way, the more Denzel Curry music we receive, the better. Stay tuned for this one, whoever it may end up featuring.

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