Desiigner Hits The Breakfast Club, Talks "L.O.D," Kanye West & More

It's been a long and arduous road, but the Life Of Desiigner project has finally come through. Granted, it was shorter than expected. Still, the project is a welcome surprise, and it's good to see Desiigner gain some genuine momentum; the young "Panda" rapper was previously mired in the act wheel-spinning, with some more cynical fans writing him f entirely. Now, the exuberant G.O.O.D Music signee is hours removed from a Breakfast Club appearance, where he chopped it up with Charlamagne The God, DJ Envy, and Angela Yee about a variety topics. 

When Charlamagne mentions the fact that Kanye never tweeted about Desiigner's upcoming EP, Desiigner remains unfazed. He explains that Yeezy was busy in Wyoming, while he was working with different producers like Mike Dean and Ronny J; from his perspective, it seems as if a scheduling conflict is to blame. Either way, Desiigner's sheer joie de vivre seems unflappable. Eventually, the conversation turns to the incident in which Desiigner allegedly whipped out the D during a confrontation. The rapper laughs it f, claiming it was simply the most effective way to defend himself without resorting to violence. "What happened to just throwing up your middle finger?" asks Charlamagne. 

For more from Desiigner, be sure to peep the interview in its entirety. In the mean time, we had the honor conversing with the LOD rapper; be sure to check that out after the jump. 

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