Desperado Orchestra Blends Depth With Fun On New Visuals For “Outer Space”

Desperado Orchestra recently shared the new music video he has created to accompany his epic single, “Outer Space,” a track that sees the emerging singer-songwriter at his very best, offering infectious funky melodies to his growing fan base. Both deep, and yet accessible for all, Desperado has brilliantly succeeded at creating a very relatable tune he created for his wife, to show her and thank her for all the love she has given him over the years. The music video is an original viewing experience, as Desperado Orchestra has filled the visuals with spaceships of all kinds, while he sings and dances to “Outer Space”. 

Blending depth with fun, “Outer Space” is a unique artistic drop that will strengthen Desperado’s rise as one of the most sought after funk, and soul artists of our times.  

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