Destructo Will Not Plan FriendShip or AMF Festival Until 100% Capacity Can Be Achieved

FriendShip and All My Friends proprietor Destructo has announced that he will not compromise on a lower capacity installment of the popular cruise event or music festival.

In a tweet, the renowned music producer and entrepreneur announced that he will not hold the FriendShip cruise or All My Friends music festival until pre-COVID attendance levels can be fully achieved.

Destructo insists that the conditions must be equal to or better than they were before the COVID-19 pandemic before FriendShip or All My Friends can be planned. He went on to explain his reasoning in a self-reply to the tweet, writing that he "won’t produce a half baked version and compromise health and safety to make a quick buck."

The fan response to the announcement has been mostly positive and understanding, and though they are surely ready for a return to a FriendShip or All My Friends event, it seems that they support Destructo's decision to postpone until conditions are just right. 

For more information, keep an eye on Destructo's socials. 



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