Detroit Swindle's Lars Dales suffers a motorcycle accident

Lars Dales, half of the infamous house-duo Detroit Swindle, is currently recovering from a motorcycle accident while riding in Amsterdam.

Dales is recovering back at home after “extensive surgery as he’s sustained two broken jaws and a broken palatum”, according to social media posts by the Detroit Swindle artist account. The same post says he’s fostering his recovery with jokes and levity, “which sounds like he’s still very much the Lars we all know and love.”

The post appears to be written by Dales’ other half, Maarten Smeets. The upcoming bookings for Detroit Swindle will be performed by Smeets solo, and he is currently reaching out to all involved promoters to coordinate.

From everyone at the Mixmag team, we wish Dales a speedy recovery and hope to see him behind the decks again soon.

See below for the Detroit Swindle’s post announcing the accident.

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