Diamond Cross Ranch Resort in Jackson Hole, WY bans rappers from visiting after claiming Kanye West and his guest were to Ratchet – HipHopOverload.com

This will most likely be the first and last major Hip Hop album to hold a listening party in Jackson Hole, Wyoming! Kanye West who recorded all his album in Wyoming decided to hold the listening party for it at Diamond Cross Ranch Resort. Once it became ficial this is where the “Ye” album listening session would be celebrities and artists, journalists, influencers and more all flocked to Wyoming for it.

Diamond Cross Ranch Resort owner Jane Golliher seemed pissed f about it when reflecting back on the event. While admitting it was a good opportunity for exposure for the location and to better business but it was also the “most confusing” event they’ve coordinated.

Golliher stated working with Kanye the day event was nerve wrecking because Kanye changed his mind up every 30 minutes. The party was originally slated to be inside but Kanye decided on outside last minute and the ranch got numerous noise complaint violations for the loud music.

Teton County has strict rules on noise. It has a noise ordinance that after 10 pm, music should be kept at under 80 decibels but the party was supposedly heard to be up to 120 decibels, according to the owner.

Golliher says that “no more rappers” and that events would be hosted at the ranch with “good music”. She went on to say that Ye’s team was undercharged and now thinks she should have charged $50k for it.

Video from Kanye West “Ye” listening party:

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