Did R3HAB Just Hint At A Possible KSHMR Supergroup?

Did R3HAB Just Hint At A Possible KSHMR Supergroup?In a recent post on Instagram, Dutch producer R3HAB posed a question to his followers: “Do you think that KSHMR and I should start a supergroup?” The picture associated with the post is a cartoon version both producers overlaid a watercolour version the artwork from their recent collaboration ‘Islands‘.

No strangers to each other, R3HAB and KSHMR have previously collaborated on the tracks ‘Karate‘ (2014) and ‘Strong‘ (2015). They remix each others work, and seem to have complimentary styles. R3HAB is known for being able to seamlessly switch between genres, creating tracks and remixes that are standout examples whatever genre he chooses. He recently released his first full length album entitled Trouble, which reached #9 on the US Dance/Electronic album charts.

KSHMR jumped 11 spots on the DJ Mag list to #12 in 2016 and held his position this year. He launched his successful label Dharma Worldwide in July 2017 with Spinnin’ Records. Given his history with R3HAB, the question posed could be more rhetorical and a sign things to come. With the diversity in both artists’ work it’s hard to imagine what, if any, their chosen genre music would be. Regardless, with the possibility on the table it’s making fans excited. The response seemed to be an overwhelming ‘YES’ in the comments on R3HABs Instagram.

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