Diddy Calls Pusha T's "Daytona" A Modern Day Masterpiece" In Signed Letter

Diddy is so fond Pusha T's new album "Daytona" that he sent him a personal handwritten note heaping its praises. The letter which Pusha T reposted on his Instagram account, makes up in pure adulation for what it lacks in proper syntax. The node reads and I quote: "A modern day masterpiece. A Flawless Hip Hop Gem. Classic But Current. In realtime! A TRUE Classic," along with hashtags marking both past and current names for the project.

Diddy isn't alone in his praise "Daytona." The album has received unanimous support from his peers and music critics alike, in the short period time since it was released. Nas, who is also working closely with Kanye West, labelled the album a classic, in a message passed on by producer Mike Dean. It seems as though Pusha T's gamble on a lengthy layf has paid dividends. "Daytona" is short and concise, with no ill-fitting parts. Even if you consider his decision to use the Whitney Houston's imagery, a choice he and Kanye could have done without, it's hard to argue against his songwriting journey. It's inconceivable to think Pusha T would have never found his conceptual groove had it not been for his relationship with Kanye West. Real fans will hearken back to Lord Willin' without feeling nostalgic.

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