Dillon Francis Announces Interactive Virtual Concert with Wave

Dillon Francis is next to join the Wave family. The producer has announced he will be partnering with the virtual experiences platform for "Total Fiasco," a new digital concert on Thursday, April 1st. 

The event will be unlike anything we've seen from both parties because for the first time ever, fans will be able to virtually gift visual elements and environments during the live show. Think part live performance, part 'choose your own adventure.' "Total Fiasco" will see Francis in supernatural avatar form, throwing down an all-original set against a virtual world that matches his unique sound. 

The show is free to attend and fans will be able to virtually sent Francis a number of gifts or small donations, like virtual accessories, outfits, and even special superpowers, which will translate onscreen if he accepts them. Attendees will also have the chance to interact with him through virtual dance parties, live Q&A, and voting on background changes.

“I am excited to work with Wave to bring a completely new and fun experience to my fans. This will not just be a concert, but one of the biggest virtual parties for anyone who loves music and dance," Francis shared in a press release. "This special event allows me to interact with the audience like never before, while allowing their input to control certain parts of the experience, making it one of my most dynamic shows to date.”

"Total Fiasco" goes live on April 1st at 6PM PT (9PM ET) and can be streamed on Wave's website, YouTube, and Twitter. To RSVP and to learn more, click here


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