Dillon Francis & DJ Snake Have A New Collab On The Way

Two our absolute favorites are about to unleash a new collaboration together and we have zero chill!

When it comes to their individual releases, it seems impossible for DJ Snake and Dillon Francis to put out anything but straight bangers — so this track is guaranteed to be a wild ride. Just think about how big “” was in 2014. Yeah, this collaboration is long overdue.

The DJ/producers simply could have texted each other on the down low to make plans for the collab, but we’re glad they didn’t. Instead, these guys have already built up the hype for the track by formally stating their commitment and declaring “game time.”

Fans have chimed in since, adding that it’s possible these guys are already sitting on a new track together after some quality studio time. Whatever these guys make — or have already made — is going to be straight fire!

Check back here for more updates as this release progresses.



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