Dillon Francis Drops His First Track Off Of His Spanish Album

I sent out an Instagram poll on our EDM Sauce account yesterday asking “Why has Dillon Francis been so quiet on Social Media Lately” a) On a bender with Lil May b) he is Malaa. Well, I am going to take credit for him breaking the silence today, I must have gotten in his head.

As one the greatest personalities in the industry, it's easy to sense that at times (though it may not seem) it gets hard to maintain the goball persona for his hundreds thousands followers while having being able to actually dominate on stage and in the studio. So he has been spending his spare time focusing on his craft, which should excite any Electronic Music fan out there as we know his end products never disappoint.

We all know the focus was going to bring a Latin flare and my god. Goodness gracious. Slap my in the button and call me MARLEEN. Pull my hair and call me Rafael. This was worth the wait. Dillon partnered with Puerto Rico based, Arcangel and Quimico Ultra Vega for this banger “Ven”. Which if you don’t speak Spanish, take it from the Rosetta Stone alum, it means Bagel. Jk, it means Come. This track is completely different, I understand about 3% it, but its hard not to vibe to it. The production is extremely intellectual and delivers outstanding sound diversity. With Moomba & Trap elements, Dillon proves he is bilingual in the universal language Music.

Dillon Francis Drops His First Track Off Of His Spanish Album

Peep the track below and be on the look-out for more like this.

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