Dillon Francis is producing a show about online influencers called 'Like and Subscribe'

A few days ago, headlines around the city of Los Angeles focused on an aggravating new "mural" that reportedly came equipped with a security guard who was instructed to only allow people with over 20,000 followers or a verified blue check mark on their social media accounts to take a photo near it.

Turns out, the wall was a publicity stunt for an upcoming new web series called Like and , co-produced by renowned internet troll himself Dillon Francis.

He confirmed the stunt was all his doing on Twitter, where he also shared the trailer for the upcoming episodes of the show. As one could assume, it stars Dillon along with a few other eye roll-inducing characters that will be trapped in a house, and forced to create content.

Back in 2016, Dillon first dabbled in television with a reality show parody web series called DJ World, which poked fun at MTV's long-running Real World show.

Like and will be out July 9, though it's yet to be confirmed where you can watch it. See the trailer below.

Watch Dillon Francis as DJ Hanzel in The Lab LA here.

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