Dillon Francis Leaves Snapchat After Latest App Update

Dillon Francis is known for his hilarious Snapchat Stories. Like so many us who use Snapchat, Dillon is not a fan the latest app update. Earlier today, Dillon posted in his Snapchat Story that he’s “not really feeling this update so I’m going to be moving my stuff to Instagram and Instagram Stories. If anything changes I’ll be back, but for now you can catch me over there (Instagram) and I’ll hopefully see ya. Alright, it’s been fun. We had a good run.” We are left with a final snap Dillon simply waving goodbye and a link to his Instagram.  However, it didn't long for him to find his groove on the new platform.

The new Snapchat update lays out a whole new user interface. Where you’d normally find direct snaps, you now see your friends’ stories added into that section, then sorting everything out in chronological order. You can still see your friends’ stories if you swipe right from the camera. Unfortunately, they’re lost in a tile layout mixed with random news and celebrity stories. Most which you don’t follow. The new update is so unpopular, there’s currently a petition to remove the new update that’s hit over one million signatures.

With users who have a large number followers like Dillon Francis leaving Snapchat, it may be a dark sign things to come for the platform.

Photo Jas Davis

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