Diplo confirms rumors of son with Jevon King

It’s confirmed. Superstar DJ, producer, and newfound country artist Diplo has had a son with Trinidadian supermodel Jevon King. Rumors arose of the pair’s alleged child together when beauty queen Jevon King posted about her new son Pace on Instagram in late March. Diplo was seen in the comments section complimenting the new mother, “What a perfect lady,” and stating “Can’t wait to meet him.” Jevon replied, “What a perfect daddy,” sending fans into a frenzy at the prospect of Diplo’s potential new son.

Though it hardly came as a surprise, Diplo officially confirmed the son is his in a heartwarming Mother’s Day post on Instagram. The star posted three photos featuring his own mother Barbara Jean Cox, the mother of his two previous children Kathryn Lockhart, and lastly, a photo of Jevon King holding their new son Pace. Along with the photos, Diplo left a touching message, “Thanks for giving me life and helping me create it – the three strongest mothers in the world.. I’m still a work in progress but u have given three perfect beautiful boys. I love you all til the moon and back.”

Featured image: Willy Sanjuan

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