Direct & Matt Van Release Gorgeous Collaboration "I Don't Mind"

Ever since the release his massive 2016 EP Trust in Me, American producer Direct has been relatively quiet in terms putting out new music. Needless to say, we’ve really been missing him lately. Since he is one the few in the EDM world that puts out consistently great garage music (and the only artist – period – on the Monstercat roster that primarily identifies with that genre), it’s a huge treat when Direct actually does put something out.

Aside from a few successful remixes, Direct’s 2017 was defined by two major singles: “” and “Too Far Away.” While the latter was no less than a spine-chilling work future garage, the big highlight his year had to have been the former (which was simply a massive collaboration in all aspects).

Next to the not-so-surprising (yet still stunning) features from Mr FijiWiji and Holly Drummond on “Tomorrow” stood Matt Van, a fresh new vocalist that added a bit an epic flavor to the track, yet still worked with the composition’s somber tone. Matt Van’s performance on the song earned him the attention numerous electronic music producers and even helped him launch a career as a self-produced artist.

Following nearly a year after “Tomorrow,” the two artists have combined forces once again, yielding some pretty great results. The collaboration – entitled “I Don’t Mind” – is simply gorgeous, combining Direct’s light garage beats and natural piano chords with Matt’s phenomenal vocals. “I Don’t Mind” substitutes chops and big synth leads with wondrous vocal harmonies and licks that more than fill out the song’s mix.

We’re very excited to see how Direct & Matt Van progress from here. Hopefully it won’t be too long until we get another amazing collaboration from the two.

Listen to “I Don’t Mind” below:

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